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About Us


Cement International Technologies is a world leader in

  • the creation and development of special cements and their by-products, based on R&D and innovation.
  • improvements to global cement manufacturing processes.

It is made up of a team of professionals with over 30 years’ experience in the cement and building materials sectors, each specializing in areas like R&D, quality control, production, sales, logistics or distribution.

In keeping with its commitment to innovate and to develop sustainable products with reduced CO2 emissions, Cement International Technologies has created a series of extremely fast-setting, ultra-resistant, ultra-efficient cements, which are all set to revolutionize the building, public works and mining sectors.

These cutting-edge products are distributed worldwide, with the assurance of customized consultancy advice and licensed production by an authorized multinational cement manufacturing group.

The company also offers other cement manufacturers throughout the world the necessary know-how to develop these products. As a prior requisite, the production facilities and whole industrial process of any interested companies are assessed and the necessary adjustments made with a view to big future increases in production, greater cost effectiveness etc.  


A Portland cement with an outstanding mechanical performance, especially at early ages. This allows surfaces to be put into immediate service, ensuring a high increase in productivity, particularly in the precast concrete sector.

  • It is ultra-fast and ultra-resistant
  • It is a stand-alone product
  • It is ultra-customizable

services & technologies

With its drive to provide service to the cement industry by preparing its facilities to improve product manufacturing, Cement International Technologies has created the Technical Assistance Service to Optimise and Innovate at Cement Factories (SATOPEIS, with its Spanish initials). This is a work system tested over several years at some of the best European and North American facilities, especially designed to make gradual progress.

Its scope is defined according to company needs, and its development and implementation is agreed upon with the company. It can be adapted over time, according to the requirements and limitations set by the client.