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Ultraval: the ultra-fast, ultra-resistant cement.

A Portland cement with an outstanding mechanical performance, especially at early ages. This allows surfaces to be put into immediate service, ensuring a high increase in productivity, particularly in the precast concrete sector. 

It is ultra-fast and ultra-resistant, developing a strength of 25-50 MPa in a time of just 4 to 8 hours, as opposed to the 28 days needed for conventional cements.

It is a stand-alone product. No accelerators are required for it to work in extreme temperature conditions or aggressive environments, such as marine ones.  

It is ultra-customizable. Because it is the most versatile cement on the market, different dosages can be used to suit specific requirements, thus ensuring cost-effective results.


UltraVal’s applications include:  

  •         Construction and repair of tunnels, bridges, port facilities, floor surfaces, railway and airport facilities etc.
  •         Urgent repairs to military installations.
  •         Residential and non-residential buildings.
  •         Structural concrete, architectural concrete, precast concrete, mortar etc.
  •         Urban furniture.

Mining, cryogenic applications.


UltraVal is an unbeatable choice for building projects and urgent repairs.