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1. Applications

Landing and taxi strips

  • Thanks to their extraordinary characteristics, the very fast-setting and high-strength cements from Cement International Technologies make it possible to build all kinds of strips and pavements in record time. This is especially relevant for airports, given that they have a limited period of time to carry out this work without affecting their operability.
  •  Repair and renovation work with this type of fast-setting cements means that the repaired area is operational again after a few short hours, given that the cement acquires the compression and flexural tensile strength needed to withstand plane traffic within this short period of time. 
  • Furthermore, both construction and repair work can be carried out under the most adverse weather conditions.

2. Cargo and access tunnels

Cement International Technologies' high-strength and fast-setting cements provide for fast tunnel construction with the "cut and cover" and TBM systems, regardless of weather conditions.

Furthermore, with personalised technical consulting, Cement International Technologies designs the best solution to repair cargo and access tunnels, aware of the unbending requirement that the tunnel only be closed at night and that it be put back into service within a few hours.

These actions, both in terms of their design and the logistics of implementing them, mandate having a special work methodology for material and human resources, with extraordinary coordination.

3. Terminals, auxiliary buildings and control towers

Cement International Technologies' fast-setting and high-strength cements are specifically designed to quickly construct any type of building, both main and auxiliary, at airports.

4. Hangars

Cement International Technologies' fast-setting and high-strength cements make it possible to quickly build all kinds of hangars, with "on-site" construction or by assembling pre-cast panels.

5. Success story

AENA - FCC    (Airport El Prat. Barcelona. Spain)



•To pour a concrete slab on the take-off strip.

•4.5 Mpa flexural strength within 20 hours.





•4.5 Mpa flex strength and 40 Mpa compression strength within 8 hours.

•Curing finishes after the first hours.

•Quickly opened to air traffic.