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1. Savings with use

Using our cements leads to huge savings, thanks to Flexible Technology, which allows us to mix a percentage of these cements with local cements. This provides:

  • High-performance concrete in an inexpensive, simple fashion.
  • Removal from the mould and commissioning in just a few hours (under five hours).
  • Higher production rate.
  • Concretes with high-performance self-compacting ability.
  • Replacing more costly materials, such as microsilica or calcium aluminate cement.

2.High efficiency with additives

High efficiency with additives provides for:

  • a lower water/cement ratio than with common cements,
  • workability periods that are easy to control, and
  • high -strength levels 5 hours after the workability time has elapsed.

UltraVal and UltraVal SR are great activators for pozzolans, fly ash, blast-furnace slag and silica fume, reaching complete activation in just a few short days (90 days are needed with other cements). This is an important property for effective, efficient concrete design.

3. High end strength

Our cements provide for very high end strength. According to the service levels desired, the following will be used:

  • UltraVal, if high initial and end strength is needed.
  • UltraVal SR, if high initial and end strength is needed in marine environments, or environments with sulphates.
  • MicroVal TP-32 or TP-12, if high initial and end strength is needed in marine environments, environments with sulphates, or in environments with impure or acidic waters.

4. Workability times that are easy to control

  •     High-strength concrete tends to pose very serious workability issues, with high risks, especially when high strength is needed after just a few hours. Our cements' workability can be very easily controlled, without compromising initial and end strength.

Advantages for mining and underground work

UltraVal and UltraVal SR are the fastest cements on the market in regards to developing concrete strength, with the following advantages:



  • Constant workability time, controlled at will.
  • It creates a viscous concrete with reduced rebound and fewer holes.
  • It obtains strength greater than 20 Mpa after 5 hours.
  • Dependency on the applying operator's expertise is reduced, with fewer defects.
  • The percentage of the accelerator is decreased by up to 40%.
  • By replacing microsilica, viscosity is improved and rebound is reduced, with better initial and end strengths.


Tunnel linings

  • Constant workability time, controlled at will.
  • Concretes with a very low water/cement ratio.
  • Concretes with more than 50 Mpa in less than 5 hours, from mixing or from when their workability time elapses.
  • Productivity is multiplied three-fold (formwork carriage movements in 8 hours instead of 24 hours).
  • Replacing microsilica improves initial and end strengths and efficiency with additives.


Segments for tunnel boring machines (TBM)

They offer total production safety, even during cold weather, they provide the best technical solution at the most competitive price, and they allow for important savings during the production process and putting into service for the segments.


Micropiles, bolts and anchors

Using our cements offers extraordinary results, thanks to the guaranteed specific characteristics. By injecting slurries with UltraVal or with UltraVal SR, micropiles, bolts and anchors can be put into service in just a few hours. Slurries with MicroVal TP-32 or with MicroVal TP-12 may also be used for these purposes.


Tunnels (Pre-cast pieces)

  • The greatest speed in manufacturing pre-cast pieces worldwide.
  • Concrete workability greater than 4 hours may be obtained.
  • The pieces can be removed from the mould in under 8 hours, even during cold weather.
  • Possibility of eliminating steam curing.
  • Low water/cement ratio, guaranteeing maximum quality and durability.
  • This minimises the number of moulds, due to increased productivity in each one of them.
  • During the construction process, Cement International Technologies offers its complete technical assistance service. 

Critical temperature differences

Temperature differences between day and night during the winter make work hugely difficult. Our cements are especially recommended for adverse weather, and have been tested with exceptional results at up to -25º C. 





Pressure microcement injections


UltraVal and UltraVal SR, very fast setting microcements, provide for uninterrupted blasting sequences and continued injection sequences.

These microcements are ideal for injections at low temperatures.   

When used with accelerators, they can immediately cover cracks with a large water flow output.  

At normal or high temperatures, and when very quick setting and hardening is not necessary, it is advisable to use MicroVal TP-32 and MicroVal TP-12 microcements , because of their slurries' longer open times and greater durability against leaching elements.



The following objectives are sought with pressure microcement injections:

  1.     A reduction in permeability.
  2.     Improvement in material mechanical properties.
  3.     To fill hollows.
  4.     Stabilisation.