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1. Advantages


• Quick removal from mould.
• Possibility of eliminating curing.
• Productivity increases.
• Production continuity and homogeneity.
• Cost optimisation.
• Mitigation of risks associated with unexpected delays.
• Construction work is accelerated to meet deadlines.
• Avoid penalties for delays in site delivery.

2. Hybrid towers

Cement International Technologies is currently developing an optimisation programme to internationally develop its hybrid towers with GESTAMP HYBRID TOWERS

3. Pre-cast Foundations

The pre-cast pieces to make the solar plates’ foundation at the KOC Photovoltaic Plant in Kuwait were completely made by iCONKRETE in Spain with Ultraval cement.

The intent was to meet the need of increasing production paces and to perform the service and installation within a short period of time.


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4. Cut&Cover Tunnels

 Possibility of minimising the number of moulds due to each mould's productivity increase.
 During the construction process, Cement International Technologies offers its total technical assistance service (to the contractor plant, external plant or pre-caster concrete plant).
 Greatest speed in the world with concrete piece manufacture for the "cut and cover" method.
 If needed, concrete may be workable for longer than 4 hours.
 The pieces may be removed from the mould in under 8 hours, even in cold time.
 Possibility of eliminating steam curing.
 Low water/cement ratio, guaranteeing maximum quality and durability.


5. TBM method (tunnel drill)

UltraVal and UltraVal SR are the fastest cements in producing segments to put them in tunnels with the TBM method (tunnel drill).

  •   The very fast-setting UltraVal cements offer totally production security, even during cold times.
  •   Moreover, they provide the best technical solution at the most competitive prices.
  •   During the segment production process and when putting them on-site, huge savings can be obtained.