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what´s microval

A range of microcements made of Portland clinker, with the addition of steel slag to ensure sulphur-resistant properties. This leads to far superior performance than that of other rival microcements.  

Due to the particle size and composition of these microcements, unbeatable results can be achieved when used in injection waterproofing, since they guarantee long-lasting durability in adverse environments where water or sulphates are present. 

sustanaible microcement

MicroVal is CE certified. Less C02 is released during its manufacturing process than with other cements.


MicroVal can be used in a wide range of different applications. For example:

  •         To consolidate rock.
  •         For soil stabilization.
  •         To fill in cracks so as to achieve a continuous monolithic finish.
  •         To strengthen foundations and stabilize land.
  •         To waterproof solid rock and tunnels.
  •         To repair concrete exposed to aggressive agents or marine environments.
  •         For underground work.
  •         To build or restore bridges, damns, aqueducts, monuments etc.
  •         For specific applications in petrochemical plants.