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1. ON-SITE Construction

Cement International Technologies' fast-setting cements provide

 • huge advantages in production times, especially under adverse weather conditions 

 • great productivity increases for labourers since winter stop times are reduced, 

 which makes site delivery in record time possible

 It also provides for huge savings on rental costs for cranes, formwork, etc.

At Cement International Technologies, we have developed a series of fast-setting and high-strength, highly effective cements that can be applied to all sorts of constructions. Using these cements drastically reduces construction costs, accelerating production paces, for whichever application out of the wide range of possibilities it is used.

2. Modular construction

Cement International Technologies' fast-setting cements are ideal for pre-cast pieces in Construction. They noticeably improve production times and provide huge cost savings (on transport, moulds, etc.).


They are mainly used for modular residential construction, industrial warehouses, schools, petrol stations, etc.