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Rapidval: eco-friendly cement

RapidVal is a very fast setting natural cement made of all the usual components found in Portland clinker.

Using a manufacturing process similar to that of Portland cement, by varying the proportions of the raw materials while also maintaining the company’s habitual quality and control standards, our R&D and Innovation Department has developed this eco-friendly cement, conspicuous for both its fast-setting properties and very early strength.

RapidVal’s countless different applications include:

  •         Sealing and fixing.
  •         Indoor decorative use.
  •         Laying masonry.
  •         Repairing swimming pools, fountains and water tanks.
  •         Repairing damaged concrete.
  •         Waterproofing masonry.
  •         Restoration work.
  •         Repairing underwater structures.
  •         Insulating walls, floors and ceilings.
  •         Indoor and outdoor renders.

RapidVal sets in 4 to 5 minutes, developing an early strength in just 15 minutes. 20% less C02 is released during its manufacturing process than with other cements.