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1. Wind Energy


  •         Increase in energy production.
  •         Height restrictions are eliminated. Towers may be over 140 m.
  •         Cost reduction. - Improved life cycle (from 40 to 80 years) as opposed to other models (only 20 years) - Minimum maintenance
  •         Investment in towers made with concrete is quickly amortised 


2.Onshore Wind Energy


• Mitigation of risks associated with unexpected delays.

• Acceleration of construction work to meet deadlines.

• Avoid penalties for delays in site delivery.


Onshore Wind Energy Advantages

Hybrid Towers

Cement International Technologies is currently developing an optimisation programme to internationally develop its hybrid towers with GESTAMP HYBRID TOWERS.

3. Offshore Wind Energy

Just as with onshore wind towers, technology to produce offshore wind towers is evolving toward pre-cast concrete or mixed towers. And it is precisely with this new production technology that Ultraval SR proves itself an ideal product to manufacture them.

With new projects carried out by leading companies worldwide, Cement International Technologies is actively participating by delivering products and providing personalised technical consulting services.

4. Solar Energy

Pre-cast Foundations

The pre-cast pieces to make the solar plates’ foundation at the KOC Photovoltaic Plant in Kuwait were completely made by iCONKRETE in Spain with Ultraval cement.

The intent was to meet the need of increasing production paces and to perform the service and installation within a short period of time.